"That's a wrap"

And just like that, winter kicked autumns butt to the kirb.  Whilst I do get some enjoyment out of #FurSeason, I must say I feel a little cheated out of my beloved autumn.  It was all too short lived.  But there’s no time to dwell on the past, I need to make sure my wardrobe is prepared for what lies ahead!

I’m sure you noticed how the temperatures dropped below freezing over the weekend.  We experienced the arctic blast of hail stones and a sprinkling of snow which “in true English style” settled for all of 10 minutes.  The icy conditions, however, are here to stay...for now at least!  So there's not much else to do than embrace #FurSeason. 

The Fur
It was love at first sight; as though it was made especially for me.  Can you believe this beauty is older than I am?  My Dad bought it for Mum in the early 80's and I claimed it a few years ago.  The best kind of vintage...maybe I'll hand it down one day too!  The current condition: Pristine.  You know this fur takes pride of place in my dressing room.  

The Headpiece
Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand for my head and ears to be cold.  I rarely wear a hat these days (they're not tapered fro friendly).  So I decided to display an Izelia Fashion head wrap.  Yes I said display.  The 'Mother Matrix' style is a wonderful creation.  The quality of the material and it's striking colours give it a very regal feel.  You can wrap it in so many ways; I’m yet to wear it the same.  This will definitely remain one of my staples for winter 15.

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